What a baby’s feet, a foot specialist, and a “snake test” can teach you about skincare


Have you ever noticed the number one thing a doctor does when a woman gives birth and the baby doesn’t cry?

While everybody is freaking out, the doctor is calm.

The doctor takes the baby aside and gently massages the baby foot!

Why is that so effective?


Because there are over 7,000 nerve endings on one foot.

And a baby’s feet is not yet covered with sheets of unnecessary dead skin cells.

It’s the same reason why children can be tickled on their feet.

Soft, neat, and oh so sweet smelling.

That’s the way our feet are meant to be... if not for those annoying dead cells that accumulate as we get older. Ever heard of the “Snake Test”? One of the most elite modelling Agencies in Norway would have all aspiring models take this test.

Here’s what the test is about:

The Snake Test is a feet assessment test


Here’s how the test works: Each participant is made to sit and hang their feet on a table.


Next a foot care person would use a special needle on each foot to find out how “dead” the foot is.

“Dead” means how many layers of unnecessary dead cells (also known as calluses) have accumulated on the model’s feet.

The closer the thickness to that of a baby’s, the higher the participant’s chances of passing.


If the foot is way past a certain thickness...

It means that the foot has seen better days.

That the once-perfect feet is still hidden beneath those masses of dead skin cells that make the feet look old, unsavory and even prone to diseases! You think your calluses are protecting you? Wrong! If we need so much thickness on our feet, we’ll have naturally grown them in our mom’s belly.

A callus is a mass… a sheet… of dead skin cells that compound on our feet as we get older.

And the more you stay on your feet, the thicker and harder your calluses get.

Is it good to have really thick calluses?

I used to think so too until I realized that bacteria and microorganisms multiply on dead calluses!

They feed off the dead skin cells.

And because the cells are dead, there are no antibodies to fight back.


So the bacterias get fat and multiply without any resistance. Why do you think foot infections are so difficult to heal? Because by the time our body finds out…

The bacteria has fed off the dead skin and grown quite an army.

The army will be so huge (billions) that our bodies won’t be able to deal with them.

That’s why we’ll have to resort to taking costly pills and painful pedicures to get rid of those nasty foot diseases.

If you’ve ever had to deal with one foot infection, you’ll know first hand how nasty it feels. What is beneath that dead, hard skin on the sole of our feet? Beneath the hard skin on our feet… below the aggregate mass of dead cells... is…

Healthy, soft skin.

Soft, and pinkish… but firm still.

Almost the way it was when you were born.

To know what that feels like, you’ll have to feel a baby’s foot.


That’s the healthy kind of feet you should have. The kind you’ll be proud to show off.

Feet that are smooth and nice-smelling…

And not the badly rough and chapped sole many of us are stuck with now.

The kind of feet that gives you more confidence when they’re out… feet that’ll draw lots of compliments and envy from your friends!

If only you can easily remove those many, many layers of dead skin on your feet and reveal your baby-soft feet underneath. How to get rid of calluses and reveal your baby-soft feet! What I’m about to reveal to you is an easy way to get the feet you deserve without spending tons of money for pedicures… or spending hours scratching with a pumice.

The answer is a product I stumbled upon by accident - Melzu Foot Mask.

What is Melzu foot mask?

This gem is one of a kind.

Melzu Foot Mask returns your feet to its former glory by removing the layers of unnecessary sheets of dead skin cells that are actually dangerous to your feet!


The mask contains a special gel that weakens the dead sheets of skin so that you can easily remove them! How does it work? When you put on the mask, the gel softens the dead cells till your epidermis… it attacks all the dead cells on your foot that cover your pristine skin underneath.

Next it breaks down the dead skin cells and causes them to fall off. That’s why the dead skin starts peeling in a couple of days.

When the peeling begins you’ll be able to remove sheets of dead skin cells!

Many Melzu customers (including myself) found the process groosssss! But oddly satisfying as you behold your brand new foot!

One you’ll be proud to show off.

Visibly smoothened and pinkish, and oh so soft.

Using Melzu Foot Mask you’ll be able to get rid of:

Rough, thickened dead skin;


Bad foot odour;

Cracked heels;

Athlete's foot (fungal infection)

Dry cracked feet;

Using the Foot Mask is so easy!

It’s best to use the mask just before you shower. But here’s how to use it:

➢ Clean or wipe your feet.

➢ Cut open the package and take out the foot mask.

➢ Put the mask on so it fully envelops your foot. Paste paper stickers at the ankle and put on a pair of socks. (Socks help make sure your feet absorb enough gel).

➢ Take off the foot mask in 60 minutes. Gently rub in any remaining gel.

➢ Wash your feet with clean water or just shower.

That’s it!


The gel will start working instantly and you will see the results depending on the thickness of your dead calluses.

You will be shocked to behold sheets of dead skin peeling off from your feet.

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➢ Enjoy your new baby-like feet!

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Q: Will the Melzu Foot Mask work right away?

Ans: This amazing mask is worn for about 60 minutes, and full results are seen in as little as 6 to 10 days.

Q: Will I need to use a file or pumice stone to smooth my feet?

Ans: No! The blend in the Melzu Foot Masks works efficiently to remove dead skin cells. No scrubbing or filing is needed.

Q: I have a big event coming up; when should I use the Melzu Foot Mask?

Ans: Plan to use the Melzu Foot Mask 10 days before your event to ensure your feet are at their smoothest and prettiest.

Q: Is Melzu reliable? Anything I should worry about?

Ans: There’s nothing to worry about! However, if you feel you have very sensitive skin, first apply the gel on a small area and wait for 24 hours. If your skin OKs the procedure, go ahead and mask your whole feet!

Q: How do I know if the Melzu Masks have worked?

Ans: Sheets of dead skin will begin to fall from your feet within 6-10 days. Once the unnecessary dead skin is eliminated, you will behold your soft, fresh skin. You’re going to love it!

Q: Are foot peel masks safe?

Ans: Melzu Foot Mask was made with your skin in mind. But we recommend you ask your doctor’s opinion before you use Melzu Foot Mask if you're a nursing mother. Do not use Melzu Foot Mask if you have an open wound!

Q: How often should I use Melzu Foot Mask?

Ans: Once a month is recommended if you're very active or if your work requires you to stand for long hours. After the first use, you can wait 4-8 weeks till you use Melzu again.

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